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but the marins would be up 4-3 with nobody out and one on for ryan zimmerman from virginia beach. and there it goes. ryan zimmerman walk off my friend. your 28h home run of the year. that eight-game losing streak is history. nats win 5-4. how about demo taking on the rangers. two on, two out. that's the liner. marlin bird, the former nat, couldn't quite get it. that's going to go all the way to the wall. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame, we go to flushing meadows. kim cljisters taking on venus williams. she wins in three stets and moves on to the quarter -- sets and moves on to the quarter finals. she earns our 15 minutes of fame. >>> tiger woods at the deutch ya bank tournament. reaction says hey, i just won the masters because he just can't putt anymore. what's going on with tiger? who knows. oh, no. that's a big one. zips it out. he's two back at 11 under par. how about steve stricker. oh, stricker is going to like this one. that's on the par three 16th. out of the shadows and into the light. final round is tomorrow. do not go anywhere because when we return, more from kevin
, they face the marlins on their home turf just five days after ryan zimmerman gave them a parting gift they will not soon forget.   >> bob: from our nation's capital, south florida, beaches aren't far away. nats-marlins getting ready at land shark stadium for the final series of the year between these ball clubs t seems like they get together just about every week. in fact, last week they did. bob carpenter, rob dibble. the marlins only five back of the phillies right now thanks to a little help the nats gave them last night. one of the wildest and most fun ballgames of the year. >> rob: it was. livan hernandez was outstanding. he did exactly what you would expect from livan hernandez while the nationals are playing spoiler here trying to beat the phillies as many times as they can, trying to beat the marlins, et cetera. last night he was in total control, total command of the strike zone answered earned his first nationals win since 2006. on the offensive side, it was a rookie ian desmond that did a ton of damage. you saw there driving in elijah dukes. then drove h
sees it is going to be close and he beats out an infield base hit.   . >> bob: ryan zimmerman, the nats need to get him restarted, won for his last 11.   phillies pitching was  remarkable in that three-game series.   in that series against the  phillies the nationals did not score a single run earlier than the seventh inning in any game. two of their three runs came in the ninth inning. ryan sitting on 29 home runs. 10-year veteran. >> tim: minutes has the plate tonight with mark wegner, rick reed, the crew chief, and jeff kellogg on the bases. >> rob: you talk about good times, bad times, two starts ago against the cubs, his last start against the phillies, 6 innings, 10 hits, 8 runs, three home runs. . >> bob: zimmerman drives it to right. that ball is really well hit and it is over the orange line. >> rob: number 30. >> bob: there is number 30 for ryan zimmerman.   . >> rob: come on, throw it b we want it. >> bob: no disputed home run this time at citi field. and it's two for the nats in
closer. >> the cats opening up the preseason in dramatic action. ryan zimmerman makes a gold glove worthy catch. it's swee >>> the suspect is behind bars but police aren't taking about a motive in the death of the yale graduate student annie le. raymond clark was arrested and charnled with her murder. he was in court this afternoon and held on $3 million bond. he killed her and stuffed her body in a wall in a research building where they both worked. police aren't saying anything about motive. yale's president says there was nothing in clark's work history to raise red flags. >> it says more about the dark side of the human soul than anything else. >> we are learning that police began following clark on saturday, a day before they found le's body. clark was always the prime suspect. >>> police say a college student in baltimore did not intend to kill an intruder with a sword. earlier this week, they say the intruder lunged at the student inside the garage of his house tuesday. the student picked up the swort when he heard the intruder. he was killed at the scene. that student had not bn c
-handers. >> rob: the difference between wright and ryan zimmerman's power, zimmerman was able to hit it farther down the right field line with authority and he hit it out of here and, as you said, david wright hits it into that motel canyon. there is the home run by zimmerman right there on that plunge in the corner. and that modell's in the bullpen, those balls at right just go to die. >> bob: yeah, at best, a double.   . >> rob: but you're right. >> bob: you know, but if the mets want to be last in the major leagues in home runs every year they certainly built the ball park for it >> rob: well, if you're going to build a pitcher's type park -- there's howard johnson the hitting instructor, wore me out when we played against each other -- a big 3030 guy, build a pitcher's ball park. go down pitching. they went out and got a few guys in the bullpen but you got to get some better pitching next year. >> bob: 1-1 to beltran who singled his first time up >> rob: remind he of st. louis in the '80s, got a lot of speed but got to get some pitching in here too. 
baseball. what a good day it was. ryan zimmerman made sure everybody at national's park went home happy. his walk-off home run put the nats in the win column for the first time in a week and a half, down 2-0 with bases loaded for michael morris. right up the middle. elijah dukes scores. he gets by the catcher but unfortunately for the nats two players can't be on second base at the same time. morris heads back to first and he's tagged out but the nationals tide it up. top of the ninth. johnson goes the other way and justin maxwell can't get to it. chris trying to score and we have a play at the plate. he gets down and beats the throw. and hes safe. the marlins take a 4-2 lead. bottom of the ninth. 4-3 after willie harris home run and ryan zimmerman has a chance to be a hero. one on and one gone. he just stares that one down. he knew it was out of there at contact. zimmerman's 28th home run of the season gives the nationals their first win in nine games. ending the longest losing streak of the year. 5-4 was the final and zmerman getting the party started at home plate. good for those guy
of the day, ryan zimmerman going after the foul ball. look out, zimm, here comes the tarp. up and over, makes the catch. that is a gold glove play by ryan zimmerman. >>> sportsmen story of the deck, the cadets from vmi and the rotc cadets from james madison are marching from boxing tend to harrisonburg to present the game ball. they are carrying the football with them. that is what makes college football so special. college football, traditions are hard to beat. big weekend coming up in college football. >> i hope they have new shoes g for them. them. $5 for the sub, huh? what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc. this is fabulous! new kentucky grilled chicken! marinated and grilled to perfection... for that five-star, fall-off-the-bone taste. mix original and grilled in your bucket! taste the unfried si of kfc. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. the washington post calls bob
's hit if you're uggla. he made a nice play. >> bob: here is ryan zimmerman who is 1-15 his last. since his walkoff homer sunday. nice, easy motion. this kid is 6'7", 210. >> rob: you call that a tall drink of water? >> bob: yes. decisive at the glove? is that legal? he's a big guy. look at the size of that thing on his right hand? >> rob: i don't think there's limits on pitcher's gloves. he's a big kid. what did you say? he's only 21? >> bob: yeah, turned 21 in may. don't hate comebacker. that glove will get it. >> rob: plenty of time to figure it out. you've got receive those mechanics, keep that showed her in. >> bob: if you get a young player like that in a deal, he's under your control for a while so you can be patient with him. anticipates good veteran pitching coach oversatisfying the -- overseeing the operation. zimmerman jacks one to left center that. ball has serious carry and it is off the top of the scoreboard and out of here! ryan zimmerman with his 29th and the nationals lead 5-2. >> rob: zim-inator. zim-inated that ball. >> bob: rbi number 24 for ryan. >> rob: fastball tr
.m. right here on news4. >>> there hasn't bench to talk about with the national this year. ryan zimmerman is some hope for the future with a career here. here is dan hellie with this morning's "sports minute." >>> good morning. your "sports minute" starts with the nationals. they snapped the three-game slide in new york. zirmman, he is playing well. 30th home run of the season. mike mcdougal picks up his 16th save. nationals beat the mets 6-5. >>> to football. saturday night redskins night here on news4. we start with redskins show time and doc walker and mike wise joining lindsay and me. we are talking skins. that starts at 7:00 and followed by the jim zorn show at 7:30. >>> down a few levels to high school. last night rolled over friendship collegiate. michael merriweather looking good saying get out of my way. 45-12. in sue land kelly takes tonight from 20 yards out. suitland shuts out northwestern 21-0. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >>> if youre heading out to the redskins home opener there are some things you should know whether you are
. now, nobody out. ryan zimmerman, a man on. oh, my goness the kid from virginia beach, a two-run shot. walk off ryan zimmerman, his 28th home run ever the year. the nats end the eight-game losing streak in style. they win 5-4. jim riggleman, your thoughts. >> i don't think we could have a better win that exemplified how hard the guys are playing. it's too bad the record is what it is but that's the kind of effort we've been getting and sometimes when you're not winning ball games, it looks like the effort is not there and that's just never been the case. >> congrats to the nats and ryan zimmerman. >>> coming up in about 30 minutes, kevin sheehan, the cohost on espn 980 will join me and we'll break down those moves made by the burgundy and gold. >>> coming up next, gwen is tracking big changes to the forecast. clouds rolling in. a little rage, too. what you need for the rest of your holiday plans coming up right after the break.  >>> still time to get out the grill and have some people over, but how are your barbecue skills? you might want to take a look at how the pros do it.
will be in for the bottom of the eighth. the nats trying to get their first base runner since ryan zimmerman's clean single back in the first. 19 straight for kevin correia. that is the pitch to layoff if you are a right handed hitter with no power. there is a runner way inside, 2-0. dan mcdougal was getting lots of save opportunities there for awhile when the nats were going so well but those ops have slowed down again. little work in st. louis just to get back out there. 3-0. maxwell next and then padilla. the pitchers's spot due up fourth here in the eighth. will originally drafted by san diego. 47th round in '9 5. let's just take 47 times 30. it is over 1400 players. >> rob: i was close. >> bob: good guess. and then, 14 years later, there he is in the big leagues. 12 years in the minors for will. and the nats have a base runner for the first time since the first inning. the 30 tomorrow mack nationals hope you can join the party tomorrow night. thursday cheers ladies night. great prizes given away, girls get in half-price. you can learn more at 703-590-2311. maxwell jacks one left field line and caught
played better than expected and ryan zimmerman getting a long time contract. zimmerman with the 30th home run. they just barely beat the mets. let's go to citifield. naxales getting on the board quickly. zimmerman getting ahold of what barely clears the wall. counts for a home run. hits the 30th for the year, a career high. ian make as great play. look at the throw. too tall for even adam dunn. a run scored. the nationals cling to a one-run lead. jeff francoeur up the middle. loses the ball. tries to get to first. he does with the lollipop throw. take a look. he's lucky he was able to stop the ball. the nationals hold on to a 6-5 win. the mets lost six in a row. the goal for the redskins this weekend is very simple. win. but, not by a field goal or a touchdown. the goal should be to win big. i mean huge. to make a statement against one of the nfls worst teams. the last time the redskins scored 30 in a game,2007. jim zorn says he wants to have a complete game, a by-the-book effort. he may adjust play calling. >> i'm done with tricks now. i'm done with tricks. no, we're just hoping to progr
about. ozzie? >> rob: gary templeton. >> rob: big switch hitting shortstop. ryan zimmerman has taken this pitcher deep this year. >> bob: and then he brought the rain.   . >> bob: that was the saturd night game, a two-run shot by zimmerman after a nyjer morgan triple in the bottom of the first. adam dunn hit a grand slam in the second, the runs kept coming, three in the sixth, three in the eighth, the nats hammered the pads 13-1. that was a three-hour and 10 mint rain delay.   . >> rob: we waited them out. >> bob: waded. >> rob: waited. wish we could do that to every team. upon bob ryan zimmerman a strike out and pop up to second tonight.   the former richmond spider doing well so far. stauffer 27 years of age, born in portland, maine, went to skew school in new york at saratoga central catholic upstate. onto the university of richmond and last year he missed the entire season after surgery for a torn labrum. >> rob: i love maine in the winter. 3-1. you haven't seen scenery until you've taken a fall
batters later, hope is still alive. ryan zimmerman at the plate, it's no longer alive for florida. zimmerman, a two-run shot to center field. the dogs were good luck, nationals win 5-4. >> it was a great team win. i don't think we could have a better win that exemplified how hard the guys were playing. >> can't hit a two-run homer with nobody on. i'm just a great team effort battling. >>> orioles and rangers. the rbi single. throws in his first rbi of the season. orioles win big 7-0. >>> on to football and to plane mayors. cut-down day manies one team's loss is another team's gain. after the mink slips, they are scouring the guys who may have slipped through the slips. chase daniel has been signed to new orleans' practice squad. the rookie put up the best numbers of washington's preseason in very limited action. he threw three touchdowns. no interventions. yesterday, he indicated via twitter he may be back with washington. instead, hearsed heading to the big easy -- instead, he's heading to the big easy. as of right now, five guys are on the squad. the skins can still add three mo
. >>> the nationals-mets. ryan zimmerman at bat. boo-yeah. he gets the fatback on the pitch, sends it to right field. washington holds on to beat new york, 6-5. >>> finally, floyd wjla -- floyd mayweather signed a contract to fight. the sign a contract, he will pay $3,000 per pound that he is overweight. the fight goes on as scheduled. >> who are you picking? >> mayweather, too big and strong. female announcer: from jennifer, get 40% off this bonded leather sofa, just $299, with very cool styling and so affordable. and at 40% off, it's just $299. from jennifer. you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste. >>> the weekend looks good? >> absolutely, just waiting for the cool front come through overnight. the high pressure moves in sunday night. saturday and sunday, lots of sunshine. sunday afternoon, it will be offshore, allowing the clouds to comment. partly cloudy sunday evening. monday and tuesday, the rain moves in. the weekend forecast, lots of sunshine through the day, the temperatures climbing to the mid-70s. sunday, more sunshine, then the clouds roll plan. >> great weekend. >>> "nightlin
. that is a golden glove play by ryan's zimmerman. he pitched a no-hitter in the sixth inning. it struck out 10. virtually untouchable. the phillies beat the nationals 4-2. game one of the best of three. they cut a big lead to 3. how about this sweet move here? they win it 88-79. in game 2 of the playoffs saturday in indiana. it is thursday, time to be a future star. the running back led the cougars to a big lead over damascus. the rain and mud didn't stop him, and neither did the damascus defense. >> i make more moves, and they are chasing me. >> he got the ball every single time. >> i figured if i get the ball that much, i better do something with it. >> the route of the rivals 37- 13. >> to come to their house on this field, a victory this big means a lot. >> congratulations our high school athlete of the week. and as the scores come in, howard lost to florida and them. they beat the sabres -- a & m. >> miami is looking pretty good. at >> miami is quick. speed kills. >>> give this a good thought to live up to tomorrow morning. >> sunshine. not so much in the morning, but for tomorrow we wil
baseline. ryan zimmerman gives chase. makes the catch. bottom of the 6th, phillys lead 2-0. delivers the base hit to left. jason werth scores the game within hinning -- game-winning run. i'm dave feldman. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connt with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access anenables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is o
beat the dodgers, 5-4. there were down 3-0 in the sixth inning, ryan zimmerman, that is his wheel house. get a new baseball, the game is tied at 3-3. bottom of the last, the score is tied, long fly ball, let the celebration began. at the nationals beat the dodgers, 5-4. you would have thought the nationals had won the world series. >>> toronto, orioles-blue jays, travis snyder had this solo home run in the bottom of the sixth. he also had two ribbies. 7-3 blue jays, seven straight losses for baltimore. it >>> the capitals continued to play through preseasoat a high level, beating the black hawks tonight. alex ovechkin, shoots and scores. knubel had a pair of goals tonight. how about this past, alexander semin over to ovechkin, right in front. how sweet is that? the home team wins it. >>> fedex cup championships, east light, atlanta. tiger woods is the obvious favorite in first place, and the rain has softened the greens, but any of the top five can win it. it shld be great theater, starting tomorrow. >>> olie kolzig is retiring, taking with him several records. he was a two-time all-sta
-3 in the final 13 to do it. beyond that, we have individual goals. 100 ribs for ryan zimmerman and a dignified finish to a forgettable season. >> i think everyone wants to finish strong and win some games and carry some momentum on to next year. >> just because we have nine more games here at home, that doesn't mean we play softer. you should play hard all the time. >> finally tonight, the denver broncos retire shannon sharp's number this weekend. they had a big ceremony and how did sharpe arrive at the ceremony? oh, by parachute. he sky dove into the stadium and then change into a suit for the ceremony. >> he couldn't really walk into the stadium, now ul
. they couldn't capitalize on. they fall to philly, 5-3. john lannan was cruising. ryan zimmerman playing shortstop. the stop to throw to first for the out. his parents, his mom and dad like it. that was the last bright spot for john. second of the back to back, yep, his second of the game. lannan gave up three solo long balls. they follow the phillies, 5-3. they become the first team to hit more than 30 home runs. >>> to tennis. the competition is thinning. serena williams is the only top five seed left. she inched closer to a fourth win. 6-4, 6-3. nicole kidman and keith urban were there, john brokaw and donald and his wife were there to watch serena. rena seemed to relaxed. watch this move. putses i away. it's not easy. match point, serena in command. takes advantage. the powerful shot down the line. advances, 6-4, 6-3. >> that will be a heck of a match. >> it will be. >> we have firefighters >>> los angeles had to call before back up after their truck got swallowed in a sinkhole. workers were trying to block the road when the truck sank. the four firefightersnside got out okay. >> the
you with us tonight. we'll talk more about that dramatic walk-off home run from ryan zimmerman in the 9th inning sunday against the marlins, but first, this is the time of year, ray, in september, a lot of guys get called up, getting their first taste of major league, feeling of the clubhouse and major league atmosphere, and today was no exception. >> an exciting time for a lot of people. their first view of a big league ballpark. sometimes their first opportunity to be on a big league diamond. invited to spring training, but it's not the same. it's the start of their careers. the fun part of their careers, because there's no fun in minor leagues as you look at ian there who hit .330 down there in the minor leagues this year, but there is a guy that got called up. >> yeah, the pitchers. they bring kensing up as well. they'll be joining the ball club today and are in uniform tonight. >> well, it's interesting, sec ovia was a reliever. played in double a and aaa, as well as estrada was a starter, 9-5. had a big year, as he was able to throw close to 140 innings, and punch out 90
diego's defense. >> phil: they can catch the ball. twice last night ryan zimmerman got robbed here. will venable, the son of mack, and tony gwyn jr., also the offspring of obviously a great player. fighting catch, picks it up off the ground. obviously opportunities were there last night to score more than one run. intelsat just couldn't get the ball down. >> the slide continues. a five game losing streak. the nationals have won what? 12 of their last 15 ballgames. in this look at the average, down to .214 '313. they scored one run each of the last three games. > >> phil: the sad part is they have pitched so well, outside of the road trip. they cannot seem to come up with hits. >> johnny: and ryan zimmerman admits, do you have give the padres some credit. >> we have faced some good pitching. we have hit some good balls, too. it is one of those times where it seems like everything we hit gets caught and you have to give their guys credit, too. obviously st. louis has good pitching and they have some good arms here. it is tough, but you have to keep battling through it and go out and
charges, flips it on the run to dunn. one out. ryan zimmerman these days is really getting rid of the ball in a hurry from third base. >> rob: the one thing john was doing earlier in the year was minimizing damage. he would get into problems, get ground balls, get out of innings, give up one run here, one run there, keep the team the ball game. right now, it's 2-1. you're still in control of this game. >> bob: and the hitter is the catcher, carlos ruiz. first pitch, hit hard to short, dunn has it, to outs. >> rob: still challenging them. second time up there the line- up, doing a great job with the fastball tonight. >> bob: well, and you love it when the pitcher just gives up a home run, and then isn't afraid to pitch to contact to the next two hitters. pedro martinez next bounced out to zimmerman first time up. lannan working quickly, and he's ready. fastball outside corner for a strike. >> rob: hey, it's not the worst thing in the world. told you many times, tom browning story, five straight years, won 15-plus games, would give up 30 to 35 home runs a year. gonna happen. >> bob: ne
. >> you know, no blips.úú÷÷  >> rob: and the people are filling in for ryan zimmerman he was the story early. a couple of routine plays for ryan zimmerman but for a second baseman a little bit different. he hit as double later in the game earlier goes way deep for a two run homerun. that would make it a 5-1 game at that point. that's big because it opened up the lead a little bit. gave them an opportunity a cushion for john lannan. he did a great job. >> bob: the rain is not stopping. lappian the winner. nats win. more extra straight ahead. up . you can do that with cable! living room. bedroom. kitchen. thank you. (announcer) get the amazing multi-room dvr from verizon fios free for 3 months. you can watch recorded shows in up to seven different rooms. plus get all three fios services, tv, internet and phone for the price of two. hurry, this offer won't last. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v boon motorcycle insurance, rv,at geiccamper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard
games against the phillies. let's pick up in the bottom of the sixth. how about this. ryan zimmerman chasing this foul ball. that is a golden glove type play. it looks like brooks robinson. this was a no-hitter into the sixth inning. the phillies beat the nationals for-2. let's go up to the comcast center. game 1 in the best of three. indiana -- domestic cut the lead to 3. the fever when it. game 2 is saturday. howard university at florida a &m. in for the touchdown. howard loses 48-10. there is a look at your sports. >> thank you. >>> 5:24. time for the latest headlines in business news. >> linda bell joins us live. >> happy friday. we're watching it shares with very closely of palm. they are out for a sales forecast. for the year, the forecast tops estimates. customers may be warming to the touch screen device. the federal reserve may move to control policies for thousands of employees. it is part of a plan to limit the amount of risk taking, especially at the top institutions. it would require a vote by the fed board. as for trading, stock index futures are indicating a lower open
the dodgers again tonight. nats trail 3-0 in the 6th. ryan zimmerman fixing that. 31st along with 100th r.b.i. in the year. they led in the 9th but the bull pen loads the bases, a jam they could have got out of on the play but guzman throwing wide. runner on third for the nats and pete orr drives in justin maxwell. 99 and holding. win 9-4. >>> os in the great white north. toronto leading in the 6th when travis snider hits a pop-up and it is gone. i guess somebody left a vent open up at the roger's center. os fall 7-3. their seventh straight. >>> nhl season opening a week from tomorrow and for the first time in 20 years that will happen without olie kolzig. long-time capitals goaltender announcing his retirement today. he was drafted by the caps in 1989 and spent the next 19 seasons as the backbone of the franchise. i believe he will be the next capital to have his jersey retired. >>> caps tonight with preseason tilt number 4 against the blackhawks. and alex ovechkin has found the score sheet number 8 on the doorstep here. nicklas backstrom. caps lead 3-1. moments later. watch this pass fr
and a milestone for ryan zimmerman. this is home run number 30. an opposite field shot. a two-run blast in the first inning. the nationals are off and running. bases juiced. one out. josh willingham gets to this liner. watch the throw. he scoops it up. blasts the plate and nails carlos beltran. willingham would also get it done at the plate. the solo home run in the top of the 9th proved to be the game winner. the nantzs hold on to win #-5. the or -- 6-5. the orioles fall to the red sox 3-1. this was the scene in las vegas. thousands on hand for the official weigh-in. far qez weighed in at 142 pounds, two pounds under the limit [ inaudible ] the fight will go on as scheduled. i'm not sure who got the better of the showdown here. you can be the judge of that. acc football on tap tomorrow. we'll have highlights from the terps game tomorrow night. i'm lindsay murphy. brian will be back to wrap up the edge after this break.  >>> it is going to be a very, very nice weekend. the cold front comes through so it cools things down just a little bit. dry, low humidity, plenty of sunshine, 75
. bottom of the 6th, nats trail 3- 0. no hit until ryan zimmerman turns on a breaking ball. deep to left field. a three-run blast. his 3 1st home run. we're tied at 3. game tied at 3. moving to the bottom of the 9th, tied at 4. runners on the corners [ inaudible ] the nats defeat the dodgers 5-4 avoiding a 100th loss for now. ollie kolzig is calling it a career. retiring after 14 seasons in the nhl. 13 of which he spent in washington. he retires with most of the caps goal tending career record, including games played, 7-116789 wins at 301 and 35 shutouts. es a' two-time all-star. the ps hosting the black hawks in preseason. caps lead 1-0. alex ovechkin, nice move, rips the slapper for the second of the game. came second period, caps lead 3- 1. check out the passing. caps beat the blackhks 6- 26789 they're now 3-1 in the preseason. the caps open the regular season october 1 at boston. i'm dave feldman. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this.  there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us.
falls between justin maxwell and willy harris. another run scores. 122-0 -- 2-0 atlanta. ryan zimmerman lays out to chipper jones but it wasn't enough. nationals lose 4-1. >>> this little fella might one day be gunning for number one tiger woods. this is why tiger is the best in the world. the long par on number 13. how pretty the shot is as the ball curbs and goes right into the cup. tiger led the tour. one more redskins note. clinton portis sat out today's practice with sore ampgles. es -- ankles. he's listed as questionable for sunday's game but jim zorn seems optimistic he will play sunday.  there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform
by florida. would have been their 3d series in a row where they were swept but ryan zimmerman had a two- run shot giving him his 28th of the season. giving the nats a one-run win. 5-4. the slump is over. >> our record is what it is and your record will stay with you. it says what you are and the guys are trying to improve the record trying to do that throughout this losing streak, and it just feels great for the players. >> onto the redskins the chase daniels now a saint and a former kentucky quarterback signed to their practice squad. we will bring you the details and will they keep two quarterbacks active. brian mitchell will weigh in on that and other skins hot topics. >>> another day another upset. venus williams knocked out of the u.s. open by unseeded player mounting a comeback after stepping away from the game for a few years to become a mom. we will examine that match. and why this guy had a difficult time keeping his pants on at the ballpark. what he did that cost him it. the good, bad and ugly. we will let you guess which category? >> the dogs were allowed today? >> yes. my dog is
-run score. nats go up 4-2. then in the 7th, ryan zimmerman the insurance homerun. a solo shot. it is his 29th. the nats stop the stump in florida beating the marlins 5-3. orioles at the yankees. and the start of this one delayed for an hour and 44 thanks to the wet stuff. baltimore was down 4-3 when brian roberts gave his team the lead. right now the o's are up 7-4 in the 7th. basketball's hall of fame ceremony tonight david robinson earned his induction along with this guy, michael jordan going into the hall. a legend that likely will never be equipped. college football and despite pay blow out loss, it's not like the maryland's team has only ended. at last check 11 games remain on their schedule. and tomorrow that means a matchup at home against james madison, which plays in the caa. a conference that saw two of its teams pull off acc upsets a week ago. the terps have to respond to that 52-13 loss to california. and bridge thinks it's possible if you just put it in perspective. >> every dpoel is still -- goal is still there except the one to be capped. we have to be better this week than
filling in for ryan zimmerman. a nice couple of plays in the field today, the bat doable down the line. this is the two run homerun. unexpected and great job now you know that you can throw a few fill in dates. and pete orr's way. since his recall. >> rob: i want to know what zimmerman did today. he does not get a lot of days off. >> bob: what a great day for a regular to be off. everyone is dealing with the rain delays. your clip is up you can relax on a day like this. 1-1 to orr. he walked today. change up to a strike. this is turning into a change up fest between clippard and calero. anyone have a fastball. a breaking ball. orr to left center. cameron maybin. 2 outs. i think today what we'll do is when it is made we'll have a 7th inning because everybody will have been stretched walking around for 2 hours. nieves 1 for 3. infield hit in the 3rd. r.b.i. ground ball. in the 5th a great running play from 3rd base to go home on contact hit hard. and nothing but strikes.   >> rob: marlins after thi it stays the way it is. good guys winning the game. they have to go to st.
despite the warm air that the redskins wanted to keep them. and just call him mr. walk off. ryan zimmerman strikes again. he ended a game with a home run. it was a 5-4 win. that ended their losing streak for the nationals. the sisters have been the story in at the u.s. open. and unseeded wild cards, in yesterday, she took at venus williams to move into the quarterfinals. >>> is now 5:26. still ahead in our next half hour, some new sculptures around town. they have a lot of heart, but they are not getting much in love. -- much love. >>> the president is planning an important visit this week. i have the details comingup in a live report. >>> and we have the weather like from your belfort furniture weather center. i will be back with the updated weather center. i will be back with the updated recaa forecast c it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways to spend in retirement that can help your money last, whatever your plans. like, if we wanted to travel? husband: or start a business? advisor: yep. wife: or take some classes? sure. or find the best cheeseburger? the line isn't for everythin
going into the 9th. now the nats are down again. game over, right? wrong. but right because it's ryan zimmerman from virginia beach with the walk-off two-run home run. that eight-game losing streak is history. the nats win 5-4 in dramatic fashion. the o's winners today over texas 7-0. how about some tennis now. u.s. open. kim christer has been off the tour because of maternity leave. taking on venus williams. she won the first set. williams won the second set. then the third set and clijsters is trying to pull off the upset. i think she's back. coming up tonight, we're going to talk redskins with kevin sheehan and talk about the myriad of changes for the washington redskins. see if the cuts will translate into some wins. >> and hopefully win next sunday against the giants. we'll find out. >>> that does it for us at 6:00. we're back tonight at 10:00 and for the news gea t 11:00. >>> remember fox 5 news is always on. look for us on air, on-line. you can access it all for yourself. hearts happy... ...and big hearts happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet... ...those delicious
for a two-run home run. the nationals up 2-0. top of the 7th, nats now lead 4-2. ryan zimmerman solo blast to deep left field, his 29th of the year. the nationals beat the marlins 5-3. elsewhere the orioles on the road playing the yankees but all eyes on derek jeter. looking for the franchise hit record in the 3rd inning. he gets the base hit inside the first baseline. that's career hit 2,722 to break lou gehrig's yankee record. but the orioles are spoiling jeeter's night leading the yankees 7-4 in the 4th inning. to the golf course we go. the bmw championship. steve stricker and tiger woods one and two respectively. here's tiger on number nine. he snuggles up ni and close. wee eventually tap in for birdie. now here's tiger, his approach on 17. i think he's going to like this one. it lands on the green and rolls pretty close to the cup setting up another birdie. tiger who has won the tournament four times is the co listen heeder -- co-leader. former midshipman and san antonio spur david robinson, one ever the stars inducted but it was michael jordan who received the loudest applause. he wo
that scouted ryan zimmerman was the director of scouting. dana brown. he will join us to talk about the future of nationals including mr. strasburg. stay tuned. nats xtra is conning after this. did you know fios has a multi-room dvr? so you can record in one room and watch in up to six others. (cable guy) you can do that with cable! living room. bedroom. kitchen. thank you. (announcer) get the amazing multi-room dvr from verizon fios free for 3 months. you can watch recorded shows in up to seven different rooms. plus get all three fios services, tv, internet and phone for the price of two. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities hurry, this offer won't last. at 800.974.6006 tty/v ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.  >> it was nice to get the fistful season under my bel
can't give you love for number one on that one. >> here's the deal, ryan zimmerman is your points leader as we head into the final two weeks of the year. got a seven-point lead over mark reynolds. one point for number five and all the math in between. we'll have the pointings standings up and now time for final thoughts. buck said during the commercial, you have a final thought. >> look at teixeira, he hits a home run to mess it up for the cycle. this is third and this is home plate and intentionally in a blowout, what does he get credit for
camp. you were there at a young age. frank robinson said this kid has it. you played with ryan zimmerman and watched what he does here. >> i love baseball. i wouldn't want to do anything else with my life. i always thought i would be a professional baseball player. that's the road you have to take if you want to make it like any other profession. you've got to work your way up. now that i'm here makes it sweeter. i appreciate it more. every time i see fans in the stands, just getting to play against manny and stuff like that, i feel i earned it. >> do you find yourself sneaking a peek at manny ramirez? >> are you going to say something? no, i'm just watching you. >> congratulations. good luck tonight. >> thank you. >> that is ian desmond not actually in the lineup tonight. he is wielding a red-hot bat right now. nationals and dodgers hoping to avoid that 100th loss of the season. >>> thank you, dan. >> there's been a lot of talk about this hope diamond. jim is going to check it out and tell you about >>> a famous gym is getting a fresh look and a new setting. >> that's right. u
base. but i can't give you love for number one on that one. >> here's the deal, ryan zimmerman is your points leader as we head into the final two weeks of the year. got a seven-point lead over mark reynolds. one point for number five and all the math in between. we'll have the pointings standings up and now time for final thoughts. buck said during the commercial, you have a final thought. >> look at teixeira, he hits a home run to mess it up for the cycle. this is third and this is home plate and intentionally in a blowout, what does he get credit for? >> a double. >> what does he get? >> the cycle. >> thank you, see you later. that's on my mind. >> what does he get in kangaroo court? >> i'm the judge. >> what? >> the cycle. of the staff as late as 2004 when auburn went undefeated. tigers winning the toss deferring to the second half. west virginia will receive the opening kick. and you can't say enough, bob, about the enthusiasm of the fans here at jordan-hare stadium, a good number, good portion of them deciding to stick out the bad weather here. forget about ponchos they discuss t
the braves up 1-0. 2-0 braves. chipper jones at the plate. ryan zimmerman slashing the leatherman. it is good to see a jump from zimmerman with all the errors going on. despite the gem, nationals fall the braves 4-1. 101st lost of the season. >>> high school football. our game of the week in lovely sandy spring, maryland. sherwood shut out colonels. a taste of what is on our high school football smorgasbord this morning. let's get it going. warriors trying to extend their winning streak to 18 games. they did come out strong. first possession, taking the inside handoff. and right about here, he says i think i'm going to cut it back and 59-yard touchdown. sherwood shuts out the mighty magruder colonels 10-0. hop in the car and take a trip to prince orchard. cougars busting through their banner. q.o. with the ball. they give it to saso sxu he answer it is call big-time in this game. punches it in for six. 33 carries. 253 yards. three scores. 37-15. now we are in the chopper. flying over virginia. loudoun county against liberty. this is the opening kickoff. liberty's spindle collects it and he is
. in the series finale against philadelphia, washington's ryan zimmerman keeps the game close in the 6th inning when he ruins a foul ball. but the bases were loaded right after that amazing play and nats pitcher goes wild. that allows chase utley to score. washington still had a chance in the 7th with the bases loaded. the phillies starter strikes out josh bard. nats fall 4-2. >>> the mystics played their first post season game of 2009 last night. and a nice homecoming for crystal and marissa, playing o under their own retired jerseys. washington had a lead early in the second half, but gave it away. mystics lose 88-79. today arena drive will open, leaking the beltway to fedex field just in time for the redskins home opener sunday. washington is hosting the st. louis rams, but they have a powerful weapon in runningback, steven jackson. jackson has run for more than 4,000 yards and in 2006 with 150 yards on the ground. >> he is big, he is strong, he is fast. he can go the distance. he can catch passes. i think this guy is a home run hitting type of back. >> it's important that we tackle him. h
, ryan zimmerman? well done by pete orr. secure your season tickets for next year, you can do that by going to you will enjoy guaranteed seating. savings over and access to events. volstad 6 for 45 this year. the gunman up in philadelphia. going for a sweep. facing chris catch opinion ter. taking wear of business, john lannan four straight for him. number 44 coming up. you might have read about him in the times having a career year they say. adam dunn ahead.  [ dramatic football-style music playing ] [ whistle blowing ] [ crowd noise in background ] [ music booming, crowd cheering ] [ music booming and crowd cheering continues ] [ crowd cheering ] ( ding ) boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...
to play for. >> ryan zimmerman says jim riggleman holds all players accountable. nationals 21-30 under riggleman's tenure. he would love to make that job a permanent one. tonight they take on the phillies. they've got to do something, right? >> let's hope that win a game the first time. they had a losing streak before. lynds lyndsay czarniak. thank you. >> allen iverson, made $20 million last year. he wants to go someplace where they let him beat a.i. in memphis they might let him do that. >>> coming up on news4 oot 6:00, the newre ptuics taken by the >> a guy pols iri is wearing a mask in order to avoid being busted for speeding. >>> earlier this year it looked as if hubble telescope was in danger of becoming another piece of space junk. shuttle astronauts took on a risky $1 billion repair mission. today nasa released the first new photos of deep space. they are spectacular. kristen dahlgren h our y he a t detailed look at far-flunk galaxy. our sharpest view of star clusters and this butterfly nebula. they show the birth of stars billions of light years away. but what may be most asto
-hit for nearly six innings. bottom sixth. dodgers lead 3-0. chad billingsley had a no-hitter until now. ryan zimmerman absolutely crunches it. this thing into the bull pen, his 31st home run of the year. his 100th rbi and the game is tied at 3-3. bottom eighth. still knotted at 3-3. alijia dukes at the plate. chopper up the middle. you can't make a throw lik this and hope for a double play. cristian guzman slides in safe at home. bottom nine, tied. the ball is dropped. didn't matter. justin maxwell, the only maryland native scores the game-winning run. national win it 5-4. pete orr and nationals having a good old time. it's nice to see the guy still having fun as miserable as this season has been. there is hope there is hope, indeed. it may be far away, but there is hope. >> thank you, dan hellie. >>> a treasure hunter in britain made what authorities are calling an unparalleled discovery. >>> doctors say early detection is the best defense against many forms of cancer, including prostate cancer. that's why national football league hall of famer mike haynes spoke out this afternoon. haynes j
. they explored a 5-3 last night. adam jon dunn and ryan zimmerman each homered for the nats in that victory. the teams play again tonight. first pitch at 6:10. >> good weather for the game. >> and if you are traveling you have to make the trip. burgundy and gold fans are going up to new york for the game tomorrow. beautiful weather. bright and sunny in new york city tomorrow. highs near 80 degrees. that will be very nice weather indeed. >> let's hope that helps. >> 9:00 hour today, i want to make everybody sure they know you want to come back because we will have college football forecasts in the 9:00 hour today. >> all right. including maryland. >> of course. >> that's "news4 today." coming up next, the "today" show. we will see new 25 minutes for a local news update. join us again at 9:00 for your latest local news, weather and sports. until then, have a great morning. we will see you at 9:00.
eight innings. chase utley. how many times havee seen this from ryan zimmerman? very lucky he didn't get hurt. going all out. even though the team did get their 96th loss of the season. full count. clifford uncorks the wild pitch. that's trouble. phillies complete the three-game sweep with a 4-2 victory. the nationals looking for something positive up at shea stadium toght. we'll keep you posted on that. >> what they don't want is to get to 100. >> that's inevitable. >> let's stop talking about that number. >> we can't. it's right there blinking like a big sign. >> thank you. >> we'll recap our top story of the big water ma >>. >> we want to recap our top story for you now. that big water main break in dundalk, maryland, east of baltimore. you are looking at video from earlier. fire officials say it was a six-foot wide water main that broke. right now we do know that traffic on interstate 95 is not being affected by this big water main break. baltimore county police say the water is several feet deep in some areas. there is no word of anyone being injured. we can see from this live pictu
of the second facing carlos ruiz with bases loaded sneaks this one past ryan zimmerman into left field. that would clear the bases. ruiz ends up with a double and phillies take a 4-0 lead. in the fifth. this is my favorite part of the game. jason worth with the foul ball. check this out. dad makes the great catch. little girl is there. he says, here, take the ball. enjoy it and she throws it right back out on t the field. a very funny moment. the dad actually talked about today on our new "daily connection" show. >> last night when she threw the ball back, my first reaction was, oh, my gosh, there goes the ball. she seemed a little startled, taken aback by the attention she got from the crowd. i wanted to make sure she knew she didn't do anything wrong. >> so sweet. that must have been overwhelming for her. >> that's where they are playing with the ball. >> right. >> thank you. >> coming up on our broadcast, we'll hear from people who believe taxing sugary drinks could help pay for health care reform. >> there is a cat from an island in the south pacific found on mainland australia aft
. they trailed 4-2 in the ninth inning but there was a home run to cut the did he have at this time. ryan zimmerman hit a walkoff two-run homer to win the game in dramatic fashion. >> i love you and i doing sports. >>> it was a big upset at the u.s. open. kim kliister taking on venus williams. he was a wild card entry and upsets venus williams in three sets to advance to the quart are fils. >> got all those strong baby hormones. >> yes, indeed. we know about those. >> my dog is no longer with us but if he was, he would have liked going to the baseball game. he would have been watching the ball like crazy. >> mine too. let me go get that ball. >> i want to start with the focus on a hes. a lot of people still own there. we are waking up with cloud cover and we have an p rslsisooithomef swe ossibility of some showers in fo ree . ca want to start with hd radar. here we are in washington at the top of the screen u b anc se sthey're lurking just off the coast here just off the coast where ocean city is currently located. we have some light shower activity and a lot of clouds here. i think th
and comes ryan zimmerman. >>> his 5th k rear walk off home run the nationals beat the marlins 5-4. >>> it didn't take long for chase daniel to land somewhere. the saints signed him to their practice squad hours after the redskins dumped him. sunday the skins picked up sood practice squad, he was dragged last year from the giants. a big upset at the u.s. open. kim kleist tears knocked off venus williams off the sunday turn. she spent two and a half years away on maternity leave. >>> the time now is 6:24, free stuff. in ten minutes how to get free lunch at chick filet today and then free movies how to get someone else to pay for your next big screen trip. chris sneed is keeping an eye on the roads today. >> checking out 26th street, no problems throughout. more open roads for you coming up howard. >> outside on the weather terrace it is damp from yesterday's rain. we are dry now. i will tell you whether or not that trend is going to continue for the rest of your labor day, 9news now, this morning will return right after this. when i melt to sleep with new unisom sleep melts i get
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